Job Seekers and Interns…Professional Training through Travel Professionals Skillnet

Job Seekers and Interns…


Following on from the announcement last week by Pat Dawson, CEO of the Irish Travel Agents Association, the Travel Professionals Skillnet is now stepping up efforts to recruit suitable Job Seekers to all available training programmes.

There are places freely available to Job Seekers on any courses run through the Travel Professionals Skillnet, and that range of training is very broad indeed, covering such diverse areas as Management Development, Sales and Marketing, Health and Safety or Technology.

It is clear from our members inquiries that there is currently a serious deficit of trained staff for the Travel Industry in Ireland. That training can be provided by the Travel Professionals Skillnet.

Participation on half day or full day training events can provide Job Seekers with the opportunity to engage with the industry and to test their interest. It can also provide potential employers with a platform from which they can identify their future high-flyers.

The Travel Professionals Essential Skills Programme is due to kick off in the early Autumn of 2013. This programme is exclusively for Job Seekers and runs for 20 days. Ideally, participants will be nominated by a member company and will proceed to work experience with that company for a further 20 days subsequent to training.

All going to plan, there should then be opportunities for successful participants to continue on in developing their career in the Travel Industry, either through initial internships or employment.

The main criteria to be considered for a place on the Travel Professionals Essential Skills Programme are:

  1. Passion for Travel
  2. Great people skills
  3. Job Seeker
  4. Proven track record in training with the Travel Professionals Skillnet

The Travel Trade has gone through enormous changes over the last short few years and it’s a really exciting area to be entering at the moment, so if you tick the boxes, or know somebody who does, put them in touch with Fionna at the Travel Professionals Skillnet, 01 4179696, or e-mail and get on the road to Travel.!news/c1bxe

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