North Tipperary LEADER Partnership: Rural Community Research

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership: Rural Community Research 

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership is seeking proposals from a qualified Community/Rural Development researcher to complete a needs analysis of training and enterprise opportunities in the Kilcommon/Rearcross area of North Tipperary with the aim of promoting and developing local employment and enterprise opportunities.


Proposals should demonstrate the proposer’s ability, skill and experience in completing this research in a rural/community development setting and should highlight their understanding of rural area needs. Clear demonstration of the proposed methodology should be outlined.

Demonstration of an understanding of the LCDP programme, prior experience of working in a similar role and understanding of the monitoring and reporting requirements of the LCDP will be an advantage.

Practical details:

Provision of a local economy needs analysis for North Tipperary LEADER Partnership under Goal 3 of LCDP programme, to include:

Compilation of a local training needs analysis, identification of enterprise opportunities in the area and supports required in terms of training/enterprise development.

Proposals should include information sessions/focus groups/linking with local community groups and outreach to individuals in the local community.

Proposals should present the costs to complete this analysis by December 15th 2012.  Proposals should also include consideration for time and cost of time, record keeping and report writing, trainer travel costs, stationery etc, so that the overall cost submitted encompasses all costs for the service provided.  Proposals should include detailed break-down of time spent in preparation, outreach, community meetings, data analysis and report write-up (using these headings).

Proposals will be assessed across a detailed range of criteria, prior experience of a similar position will be an advantage.

Tax Clearance will be required.

Short listing will apply.

Budget for this project approximately €2,500.


Please forward proposals to:

Caroline Shanahan, Employment and Enterprise Worker

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership 

 Friar’s Court,


Co. Tipperary

Tel: 067-56676


Closing date: Wednesday October 31st at 5pm

Please submit proposal by email and by post.

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