Body Language in Interviews

Take the Quiz…. are you aware of the impact your body language can make at interview?

The following quiz will ask you a variety of questions about your non-verbal communication in interviews. Don’t take it too seriously, but it should provide some useful pointers on what to do and what not to do.

picture of open/closed postures

1. In a job interview, a student being interviewed in posture A suddenly moved to posture B.
Give a possible explanation.

A. The interviewee feels defensive

B. The interviewee feels cold

C. The interviewee is becoming more relaxed

2. A piece of research showed that when people meet for the first time, there are three important factors. These are given below.
Which is the most important?


A. Content – what they say.

B. How they sound (tone of voice – accent, pitch, variation and tempo of speech).

C. Body Language.


3. Another piece of research found that certain non-verbal behaviours (e.g. not including dress and appearance) showed a statistically significant correlation with job interview success.
Name ONE of these behaviours from the list below:


A. Firm handshake

B. Regular eye contact

C. Sitting up straight

D. Smiling

E. Head nodding

F. Loud voice

picture of mirroring

4. Which of the following statements are likely to be true about the two people here?

A. They are of similar status. They agree with each others views.

B. They are of different status. They disagree with each other.

5) Based on the positions of the desk and chairs as you enter the room, which of these two interviews are likely to be the more formal?

picture of interview roompicture of interview room



 6). Whilst on holiday in Greece, you end up one day at a little out of the way Greek village where nobody speaks English. You decide to study job opportunities at the local taverna with your 4 companions and try to order a round of 5 drinks signing with your hands. What happens next?


A. You are treated like a long-lost relative

B. You wake up in hospital with 2 black eyes, and a bruised ego.


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3 Responses to Body Language in Interviews

  1. trumpetpage says:

    Great article Roscrea Job Club. Point 6 cracked me up!

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