Interview Tactics: Getting Through an Interview Successfully

Interviews are an important part of the job search process. Too often job seekers get so excited about an interview, it is easy to forget about some important interview preparation techniques. In addition to looking right and having your resume ready, it is important to do some research into what questions you should ask and what questions you should not ask. Here are 5 questions you should not ask and 5 questions you should.

Questions You Should Not Ask During a Job Interviews:

  1. Do not ask about money, compensation, or where your office will be. These types of questions give off the impression that you think you have the position already. Do not jump the gun and don’t give an even worse impression that things like an office are more important to you than other questions you could ask about the company.
  2. Along the same lines, do not ask how often the company issues promotions or raises.
  3. Do not ask questions that give the impression that scheduling is a problem for you. Working from home or leaving early are not the types of things that you want to be remembered for during the interview process. While the hours of business are important to get squared away, if you are not available during those hours, get that out in the open before the interview even takes place.
  4. Do not ask if the interviewer wants to see your references. Wait until they ask for them and do not appear too desperate.
  5. Do not ask questions that might throw up a red flag about you or incite controversy. A hot topic these days is social media, but do not ask the interviewer if they review social media profiles or if they allow employees to use it throughout the day.

Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview:

  1. Ask about the company’s culture. Inquire about specific examples of how the company culture is upheld and for some good examples of things employees can do to keep up the company culture.
  2. Ask how the company appreciates and rewards its employees. Since asking about payment, compensation, and other things that go along with that are off limits, this is a good way to determine what types of compensation employees get for performing well.
  3. Ask what the short term, mid-term, and long term goals for your position will be.
  4. A great way to end an interview is to ask what the person interviewing you likes most about the company.
  5. Ask a question that shows you read up about the company and know something about their history or current news.


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