Interviewing Tips and Strategies for Getting the Retail Job You Want

Potential employers give you interviews when they like what they see on your resume. Learn how to convert a retail job interview into a retail job offer with these successful interview strategies.

Interview Weakness Tips – The Worst Interview Mistakes to Fail a Job Interview
If you’re wondering why you keep failing at job interviews, check out these interview weakness tips to see if you’re making some common interview mistakes. These “worst interview mistakes” are from real interview situations and written by interviewees who have made them.

Making Yourself a Stand Out Job Candidate to Get the Job
Job offers are given to the candidates who succesfully make themselves the most compelling candidate in the interview process. Use these interview strategies to stand out and get hired.

Complete Guide to Interview Success
Job interview mastery requires advance preparation. Use this comprehensive guide to acquire the skills and knowledge you will need to masterfully handle any type of interview situation.

Interview Follow Up Tips for Closing the Deal and Getting the Job
What happens in the job interview can help employers make cuts. What happens after the interview can help employers make decisions. These effective interview follow up strategies will impress retail employers and remind them why they want want to hire you.

Video Job Interviews – How To Tips
Video job interviewing is a new technology being used by a growing number of retail employers. To make the best first impression, use these tips to create a professional and polished video that make employers want to see more.

Interview Success Tips for Telephone Interviews – How to Do a Phone Interview
Get tips for how to give a good interview when the interview is conducted over the telephone. The tips for how to do a phone interview are not the same as the tips for doing a face-to-face interview. Review these telephone interview tips to be prepared for success.

Best Interview Answers to Difficult Interview Questions – Tough Question Answers
Get the best interview answers to the most difficult interview questions in this article. Get prepared for the tough questions that stump most interviewees, and impress potential employers with your poise and confidence when you answer their toughest interview questions with ease.

Interview Thank You Letter Tips – Employers’ Perspective of Interview Thank-yous
Get inside information about what employers are looking for in an interview thank you letter. It’s not enough just to write a thank-you note after an interview, you need to write a strategic thank you letter and consider it to be an extension of the interview. Find practical how-to tips for interview thank you notes in this article.

Interview Questions to Ask and Not Ask – The Best Questions to Ask in Interviews
Asking the right questions during an interview is just as important as answering interview questions well. This is a list of questions to ask and questions to not ask of a potential employer during the interview process. If you don’t have the best questions, you probably won’t look like the best candidate!

Favorite Questions Interviewers Like to Ask – HR Interviewers’ Best Questions
Human Resources professionals share the interview questions they like to ask job candidates most often. Get insight into the minds of the interviewers who are making the hiring decisions by reading through their favorite questions and the answers they hope to hear when they ask those questions. Great insider information about interviews here!

Retail Company Research Resources to Prepare for Interview Questions and Answers
Researching a retail company prior to a job interview is essential for interview success. Without research, job interview candidates will not have good answers to interview questions like, “What do you know about our company?” or “What questions do you have about working here?” In an environment of high unemployment, hiring managers are…


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