Most Impressive Answers to Interview Questions

Job interviews are at all times worrying not only for fresher but also for those job hunters who have faced several job interviews. How should be your answers to interview questions depends on a number of facts however the most important thing is the job you are applying for.   Home work and preparation is anytime the best way out to get rid of the strain.  While preparing for the interview questions, first note down the most likely questions that match your profile. At the same time, you can assess the sample questions along with the answers to prepare for the job you have applied.

Answers to Interview Questions

Do not overlook the typical interview questions anyhow as this is where maximum people fail and overconfidence play the biggest villain role in this.  Hence while preparing the answers to interview questions, do a detailed research on the company. Apart from these there are a few more tricks that help the answer to interview questions.

As obvious in the interview, they will ask you questions according to your skill, qualification and experience and from the rest part of your profile. Along with this their company’s requirement would also be a vital subject of the interview.  Now let us get a look at the most common questions part by part and also see how to answer those questions.

Say something about yourself

interview questions

It would be very surprising if an interviewer does not ask this question.  While answering this question Firstly:  Be careful that you are not repeating what is  written on your resume in fact sometimes the interviewer himself ask you not to repeat what they know about you. Secondly, take few seconds and decide how to start and how much you need to say. Never speak as if narrating your life history.  Convey them the most relevant and interesting facts of your life.

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Why are you looking for a job or why did you leave your previous job?

This is a straightforward one indeed and this is the one against which the recruiters get the most diplomatic answers. If you are a fresher do convey them your need and the purpose to look for a job. If you already have work experience in some other company make sure you are not negatively presenting your previous company. This makes a very bad impression. It is very important to stay upbeat in this matter and explain the situation in brief yet convincingly.

Let us know something about our company

You should always be prepared for these questions. The interviewers expect you to know about his company and so it is necessary for you to make a good research on the company, its history, profile, achievement and activities. This convinces the interviewer about the thing that why you actually want to get into their company. If you deliver the diplomatic answer it may come out as something negative.Tell us about your strength and weakness”:

Be very clear about your thinking and perception. Do not act too modest but do not underestimate yourself either. Do not answer like “my strength is my biggest weakness” or “I do not have any weakness”. These sound very diplomatic and sometimes lie. Talk about some of your flaw you make while working and convince them that you are working hard not to make those anymore.

Why should we appoint you?

Again, this is a question that needs a brief yet convincing answering. Tell them all your strength and talent as the core reason to hire you.

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Can you handle pressure?

This is another question that requires a very positive and optimistic approach. Tell them “you take the pressure as a challenge and like to deal with it” or “you flourish under pressure” but never say that you get puzzled and blank. Even if it is true it may not work out for you. Keeping a positive body language is very important since the question is directly related to that very situation you are facing them. So try to convey your words and perception through your body language as well.

What do you want to know about us?

If you are asked this question neither behave as if you want revenge. This is another time when they judge your knowledge about the company.  Keep your questions ready and ask in a very pleasing way.

This way set up your mind for the interview. Answer the questions with confidence but make sure you are maintaining the border between confidence and overconfidence.


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