10 ways to make your recruiter love you!

10 ways to make your recruiter love you!



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Here are ten ways to make your recruiter love you

1. Create a good first impression – suited and booted at first meeting, knowing your CV and your motivations goes a long way to impressing us. They say hiring decisions are made within the first few minutes of meeting so this part of the process is crucial. If we are impressed by you we know our clients will be too.

2. Be clear about what you want. It’s not all about the role and the salary for a lot of people. Location, benefits and flexible working hours can be a major deal breaker for some candidates, we need to know if they are yours.

3. Be honest – but professional! We don’t need to hear about minor gripes or personality clashes in previous jobs but if there was some aspect of your role you are trying to get away from we need to know.

4. Be contactable! Have a voicemail set up if you can’t answer your phone during the day and be sure to check it or your emails at least once a day if you are job seeking.

5. Don’t feel pressured to say yes to an opportunity immediately. If you need to take some time to mull it over then say so, a no if it’s not the right role will save everybody’s time in the long run.

6. If you have doubts or questions – raise them with your recruiter. It could be that your concerns can be easily alleviated. Or they could be a real block to this being the right job for you. Either way – better to raise them early

7. Be flexible – if you are job hunting and are fortunate enough to be getting interviews you might need to take time off work. A future employer will appreciate both your flexibility and be impressed with your motivation in the role

8. Call us with feedback after every interview! It looks so much better if we have this when speaking to our clients and are able to tell them what you (hopefully) liked about the job, company and people you met, it paints you in a very good light over candidates who haven’t done this

9. Keep us informed about what’s going on with other roles. It can help us either move the process along or negotiate a better package with the role we have you forward for

10. There’s nothing I love more than placing a deserving candidate in the job of their dreams, and receiving positive feedback or a note of thanks is the icing on the cake. Although if you want to send actual cake that is also fine by me!

– See more at: http://www.morganmckinley.ie/article/10-ways-make-your-recruiter-love-you#!

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