Interview preparation is key!

By on 04/10/13

Before your next interview ask yourself, are you READY?

Make sure you have done your RESEARCH on the company – financials, culture and team you will be joining. If it’s a listed company get your hands on the briefing notes prepared by equity analysts and know the share price trend and recent key corporate events. While completing your background check, start thinking of good questions you can ask your interviewers on what you’ve learnt. It may be possible to look at the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile, perhaps you have both worked for the same company in the past, attended the same university. Always a good ice-breaker!

Ensure you present yourself as ENERGETIC. Interviewers will consider your body language as a key factor in determining how much you want the role. It’s important that you come across as bubbly and motivated rather than lethargic and disinterested!

Make sure your CV is ACCURATE. Do not have any unexplained gaps. Make sure all full-stops are in the right place, bullet points are aligned, and grammar and spelling are accurate.

Employers expect their accountants to be DETAILED people. Accountants cannot skim over details, so be sure to have some examples of when you had to get “knee-deep” in detail.

Most importantly, be YOURSELF! So often the role goes to the most personable person and not necessarily the most qualified so ensure your personality comes across in the interview.

Best of luck!

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