Calling all Ambitious Women, Your Potential is our Priority

Ensuring that Irish business women realise their full business potential is critical to Irish Economic prosperity and a major priority for Enterprise Ireland. Addressing the under representation of female-led businesses that start a business and achieve considerable scale, requires a tailored, focussed approach in terms of support, personal development and networking opportunities.

The Enterprise Ireland Female Entrepreneurship Unit was established to develop a strategy to support ambitious women grow scalable businesses

The strategy focuses on a number of initiatives including;

  • dedicated funds (competitive) to support female-led business teams
  • identification and promotion of role models
  • sponsorship of events and awards
  • supporting role to existing and new networks
  • dedicated ambitious women section on the corporate website
  • development of a web-based networking tool for women in business

We have a range of tailored supports to help ambitious women to optimise their business success.  A new Competitive Start Fund for Female Entrepreneurs will open for applications from Wednesday 30th October until 3pm on Wednesday 27th November, 2013.  The purpose of the Fund is to accelerate the growth of Female-led start-up companies that have the capability to succeed in global markets.  The fund is designed to enable those companies reach key commercial and technical milestones.

This is a competitive call. For further information and to apply, visit Back to: Competitive Start Fund homepage

As well as tailored start-up supports, Enterprise Ireland has a range of initiatives to support ambitious business women.  Information concerning this can be found in our Supports for High Potential Start-ups’ Section.

Enterprise Ireland is keen to hear stories of business success from ambitious women.  If you have an interesting story of business success, we’d love to hear it!  Email us at:


New €150,000 fund for female entrepreneurship development programmes

Click here for details of the new €150,000 fund for female entrepreneurship development programmes.


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