Information Store for Start-Ups

Enterprise Ireland has now an online Start Up Store where you can easily find information about setting up and starting your own business.  Worth taking a look at.


Setting up a business

Business plans

Incubation space

Import/export regulations

Market research

Product/material testing laboratories

Sources of finance

Start workshops

Other Agency supports

Setting up a business

Business Plans

Incubation Space

Import/Export Regulations

Market Research

Product/Material testing laboratories

Sources of Finance

Start Workshops

Other Agency Supports


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2 Responses to Information Store for Start-Ups

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    • Hi – I don’t use a web host, I don’t think I do. I’m here on wordpress since August and have my webpage linked to my facebook & twitter accounts so I presume that’s why I have a lot of views. As to why it loads quickly, I don’t have a lot of media on my site, which helps with loading.. Thanks very much for the comment 🙂 Catherine, Roscrea JobClub

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