Interviews – Funny moments, stories and funny answer

Funny Interview Moments

Humour and interviews do not often go hand in hand. But in the spirit of the New Year, we would like to share some amusing interview moments with you to help you start your job search on a happy note.

Funny stories from the job seeker

When I walked into the interview, I recognised the interviewer immediately. He was a guy I had met in a nightclub the previous month, asked for my telephone number but had never called me!

On way to interview I went to visit the toilets and the interviewer followed me in and stood next to me at the urinal – certainly broke the ice….

About half way through my interview, I saw my car being clamped through the interview room window. Needless to say, it was hard for me to concentrate on my performance after that!

Interview Room blunders

“On finishing an interview I was escorting the candidate out to reception and I casually asked them if they were going back to work. They told me that they had in fact taken a sickie and were on their way back to bed!!!! As you can imagine they did not get the job.”

“Half way through the interview a candidate asked me how many more questions were they going to be asked!”

“The previous user of the meeting room had left tea and biscuits on the table. Although they were removed to the side, the interviewee came in, saw the cups and said “Great, I’d love a cup of tea” and proceeded to pour for himself and drank tea throughout the interview although we were not partaking.”

“A young man arrived late for the interview – it was lashing rain and he had problems finding our office. He was so wet that the interior dye in his shoes had leaked through and he ended up staining the floor. He still got the job.”

“A candidate kept referring to himself in the third person e.g. “Ron did this and Ron did that etc””

“During the interview, I was explaining to a foreign national they would be a key team member……to which they responded that they had held keys in previous roles.”

“I got sent a tea bag with a letter so I could “have a cup of tea” while I was reading the CV….”

“When asking an interviewee what type of person they found it most difficult to work with – they replied women!”

Some more funny answers

What do you consider to be your biggest mistake to date? Marrying my husband.

What is your biggest weakness? Women with big bums.

Why did you leave your last job? I have a problem with authority.

What is your biggest weakness? Getting out of bed in the morning……. I am not a morning person.

This information is gathered form a recent survey conducted with over 1,000 job seekers and Human Resource Managers in the Greater Dublin Region. More results will be published on our website


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