It’s More ‘Show’ Than Tell: Why Infographic Resumes Are The Future

I loved this – a more interesting way of putting yourself forward for job applications. Also loved this one but you have to download the software if you want to view it properly. Great blog, thanks Trumpet Page. Always a good read!!


Trumpet Page

There’s plenty of advice out there on what you should and shouldn’t write in your resume and what you should and shouldn’t say in a job interview, but what if you’ve done all the right things and you’re still not getting any call backs? For many of us, it’s not the lack of experience, skills or training, it’s the fact that you’re not presenting yourselves properly. It’s your story that isn’t making the connection.

You may have all the skills the employer is looking for but have you made enough of a connection to actually get noticed? For recruiters and hiring managers who are knee deep in applications, they’re looking for that something ‘special’. Something that sets you apart and gets them interested and intrigued. If 10 applicants are a perfect fit for the role, how will you be the one that turns heads? Like a good story, you need…

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