30 jobs announced at IT provider IIS

08.01.2014 14:55

30 jobs announced at IT provider IIS30 jobs announced at IT provider IIS

There has been another boost to the IT sector in Ireland with the announcement of 30 new jobs at Dublin-based software and services provider IIS.

The company provides business management software, services and support to small and medium-sized enterprises and specialises in supporting and developing SAP Business One – an enterprise research planning (ERP) solution with a user base of more than 34,000 customers worldwide.

The company will create 30 new positions in the following 12 months, with a potential for further growth depending on the continued success of the business so far.

The company will now be looking to fill jobs across all areas of the business in 2014, from sales to other development roles.  

“IIS has achieved growth of around 40pc per annum over the last two years. We have seen our staff levels more than triple in the last two years,” said CEO and owner of IIS, Morgan Browne.

He added: “Ireland is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe for the IT sector – something we’re delighted to be a part of. There’s a huge demand for IT resources and we’re keen to develop and add to our own skilled workforce with the creation of 30 new jobs next year.”

Colm Gorey



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