The Job Club is a Service set up to assist people who are unemployed. All Services are FREE upon registration, for more information contact Catherine or Linda on 0505 23379

The Roscrea Job Club – Set up in 1999
The Roscrea 2000 Jobs Club was established in September 1999, through the funding of the National Training Agency FAS in conjunction with the Sponsor Group of Roscrea 2000 Ltd which is now North Tipperary LEADER Partnership.

A) To promote adult community education, to facilitate access towards employment by participation in pre-development, literacy, back to education training and skills based training.
B) To facilitate progression to employment by adding value to the services of the North Tipperary Leader Partnership Jobs Club Programmes, Community Employment Programme and early school leavers interventions

The overall aim of the Job Club is to a run a job seeking skills training programme which will enable participants to acquire the necessary skills to plan, actively seek and achieve realistic employment opportunities.

To create an environment whereby participants can build up their confidence, increase their motivation and source employment.

To enable participants to share experiences, become part of a group and become empowered to take direction over their own lives.

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