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10 things that can make job interviews successful


ANI Aug 29, 2013, 12.00AM IST
(10 things that can make job…)

Interview skills are as important as your experiences and qualifications to get through a job interview.

Despite being the most qualified candidate with references galore, a poor interview performance can leave a lousy impression on a potential employer.

But you can avoid this if you prepare the right way for your interview.


Here is a checklist of 10 things to always bring up in an interview, according to the Huffingtonpost:

The work – The most fundamental goal of the interview is to determine whether you have the skills to do the job. Be prepared with a list of your top selling points so the interviewer is completely aware of your advantages over others.

The company – In a 2011 survey by AccountTemps, 38 percent of managers said the number one interview mistake they encountered was little or no knowledge about the hiring organization. Don’t let that happen to you. Do your homework ahead of time so you are ready to say why you want to work at that job and for that company.

The culture – The work environment can determine whether you love your job or hate it. Address the work culture with your interviewer to make sure your values align.

Industry knowledge – you can “wow” the interviewer by showing off your knowledge of the industry. Talk about recent newsworthy events or the company’s newest products.

Past experiences – Your past experiences demonstrate how you would perform if you landed the job. So, you want to be prepared to describe past experiences where you had a big impact. If you have numbers to back up your claims, that’s even more persuasive.

Portfolio – A portfolio is a visual representation of your past work. It not only shows off your accomplishments, it also gives you added value.

Your plan for the position – Your interview needs to show the company what you can do for them. Lay out what you’d do, should you get the job. This plan doesn’t need to be detailed-it just needs to illustrate how you would positively contribute to the position.

Your referral – If you were referred to the position, be sure to remind the interviewer. This connection may put some legitimacy behind your candidacy, as well as spark a positive conversation between you and the interviewer.

Thought-out questions – Always make sure you have questions at the end of the interview. From queries about the interviewer’s role to thoughts on the history of the position, questions show your desire for the job. They can also give you more insight into the role, which may not have been addressed during the more formal portion of the interview.

Ireland’s Jobs Expo

Ireland’s Jobs Expo

The fourth jobs expo will take place on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th (11am-4pm both days) of September. Over the course of two hectic days thousands of candidates are expected to attend this FREE exhibition at Croke Park Conference Centre – exploring employment opportunities at home and abroad, attending topical seminars and receiving CV advice at the free Career Clinic

Jobs Expo Cork

We are also excited about holding our first jobs event outside of Dublin. Jobs Expo Cork will take place on Tuesday 10th September (12pm-6pm) at the Silver Springs Moran Hotel and will be supported by Cork Chamber of Commerce. Jobs Expo Cork will be the first event of its kind to be held in Munster, so we’re anticipating a fantastic turnout and another highly rewarding day.

New fund of up to €250,000 to stimulate business start-ups by female entrepreneurs

New fund of up to €250,000 to stimulate business start-ups by female entrepreneurs

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton today announced the establishment by Enterprise Ireland of a new €250,000 Competitive Feasibility Fund for Female Entrepreneurs aimed at continuing to significantly boost the number of high potential female-led business start-ups. This initiative is part of a drive by Enterprise Ireland to boost the number of innovative, export-oriented businesses being set up and led by female entrepreneurs.

National JobBridge Internship Scheme

JobBridge is the National Internship Scheme that provides work experience placements for interns for a 6 or 9 month period.

The aim of the National Internship Scheme is to assist in breaking the cycle where jobseekers are unable to get a job without experience, either as new entrants to the labour market after education or training or as unemployed workers wishing to learn new skills. The Scheme will also give people a real opportunity to gain valuable experience to bridge the gap between study and the beginning of their working lives.

The Scheme provides for up to 8,500 work experience placements in the private, public, voluntary & community sectors. Interns receive an allowance of €50 per week on top of their existing social welfare entitlement. This is payable for the period of their internship.

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