Other Services in North Tipperary LEADER Partnership

Contact Details

ASCEND –  North Tipperary Domestic Abuse Service – Roscrea/Nenagh/Thurles
New Line, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. Office Number: 0505 23379
Confidential No: 0505 23999
24 Hour Helpline: 1800 341 900
Project Co-ordinator: Sheila Kelly 086 8283399
Project Worker: Fiona Pryle 086-8576719
Court Accompaniment Worker: Eileen Healy
Admin/information Officer:Bernadette Lawless
E-mail: ascendservices@eircom.net

ASCEND – Violence Against Women

North Tipperary Domestic Abuse Service
Support Services for Women who have or are experiencing Domestic Abuse in their relationships

Who Are We?
North Tipperary’s domestic abuse service for women who have or are experiencing domestic abuse/violence in their relationships. The service is managed by North Tipperary Leader Partnership in collaboration with the HSE West.

Services  Offered
Telephone Support:
This is a confidential listening and information service where a woman has the opportunity to discuss domestic violence /abuse in her life. If she wishes to discuss her situation in person an appointment can be arranged at various locations in North Tipperary.

Information & Outreach Support:
This service provides women with information and support. Women can discuss the issue of domestic violence that has been or is currently a part of their lives. This service offers an opportunity to explore the options available.

Court Accompaniment:
This service provides women with support in accessing the court system securing protection, safety and barring orders.

Other Agencies
Ascend give women information regarding other agencies they may need to access for example Legal Aid, Court Clerk, MABS, Gardai, Social Welfare, Housing, Counselling or Children’s Services.

MOVE (Men Overcoming Violence)
This is a structured group work programme for men who are or have been violent in an intimate relationship.  The programme helps men face up to the reality of their violence, and is committed to working towards the safety of women and children by helping violent men to take the necessary steps to change their behaviour.

A service is also provided to women, whose partner is attending the MOVE programme.

ASCEND –  North Tipperary Domestic Abuse Service – Roscrea/Nenagh/Thurles

Community Employment Programme – Roscrea

Education & CE

Photograph: Left to right: Ann Tyrell, Rose O Lone, Mary Monahan & Margaret Kealy
Front row: Sharon Whelan, Breda Kennedy

About the Community Employment Programme
NTLP sponsors a Community Employment Programme withing its organisation which allows individuals to get valid work experience in a number of areas such as administration, childcare, youth work, maintenance & canteen facility. The work experience is combined with an individual training plan giving opportunities to train, retrain and therefore upskill benefitting each individuals progression in the job market & or with  further education.

Community Employment Objective
The aim of a Community Employment Programme is to provide temporary employment and individual training for long-term unemployed and socially excluded.

NTLP objective for Community Employment
To operate a Community Employment Project which gives opportunity to people in providing supported employment, skills based training and personal development. The CE project enables the organisation to support the wide diversity of programmes & services in our programme of activities available to the community which at their core promote social inclusion and sustainable development.

Who can access Community Employment
By checking with your local FAS employment services you can check your eligibility to apply for any positions advertised regularly on the FAS Website.
The FAS employment officer holds a full day clinic in the NTLP Roscrea branch (Newline Road) on Thursdays (Tel 0505 23379) and there is a FAS Employment office in Silver St in Nenagh Co Tipperary tel 067 31879.

How to Apply
Once your eligibility is confirmed you forward your CV and a cover letter to NTLP Roscrea for the position you are interested in. In addition NTLP has a Job Club service available to all to help with preparing CVs and letters and off course help with Interview skills.

Individual Learning Plan
Once you are accepted into a role your Community Employment Supervisor will go through all your options with you in relation to training and also support your work experience inhouse.

Contact Details

For more information please contact Mary Spillane
Community Employment Programme
Mary Spillane Supervisor-Roscrea CEP
Tel: 0505-23379
Email: mspillane@ntlp.ie

Community-Based Family Support Service

The Community-Based Family Support Service is a early intervention approach to supporting families.
It works in partnership with families as well as with other agencies and professionals working with families to assist those experiencing challenges of one kind or another.

Which families can avail of this service?
This service is available to all families with children and teenagers aged up to 18 years.  Priority is based on level of need.

This service offers support with a variety of matters including:
Parenting Support
Support following relationship break-up
Improving school attendance
Improving social and community ties
Interfacing with services and agencies on issues of access and entitlements, etc.

The service is child-centred, takes a partnership approach and works to promote family coping and resilience. The service offers one-to-one support to individual families but also works to develop and promote community participation.

Examples of activities to date
– establishing Parent and Toddler Group and Community House Committee in Chapel Lane
– establishing a Playground Committee in Gleann Glas
– establishing a Parent and Toddler Group in Copper Beech View
– establishing a Family Support Group for those affected by a loved one’s addiction

Families living within the Roscrea DED catchment area can access the service directly by contacting the Family Support Worker  who will assist  in the completion of  the referral form.  Alternatively referrals can be made by the family doctor, public health nurse, teacher, social worker or other professional working with the family.  All referrals are made with the knowledge and permission of the family.

Location and timing
Family support work can take place in a variety of settings depending on individual circumstances.  Frequently one-to-one support is offered in the family home, but can also be offered in a community or healthcare setting.

There is no time limit on supporting families.  Frequently short-term support is sufficient to resolve  particular issues.  However, every family is different and some interventions take longer than others.


Community-Based Family Support Service
Aideen Connolly,
New Line, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.
Tel : 0505-23379
Mobile: 087-6840551
Fax: 0505-23386

Festivals in North Tipperary

NTLP supports the development of new, emerging festivals i.e. less than 4 years in existence and/or identifiable stand alone elements within existing festivals. In support of ‘The Gathering Ireland’ initiative, festivals which demonstrate some additional connections with Ireland’s diaspora will be looked on favourably. Festivals have the potential to attract tourists, regionally, nationally & internationally and increase the profile of North Tipperary as a vibrant area to live and work.

Elements of festival costs that NTLP will consider include:

  1. Marketing
  2. Advertising costs (print, TV and Radio)
  3. Artistic/performance fees (on a case by case basis)
  4. Festival training e.g. strategic planning, programme development
  5. Costs towards the development of Festival Business Plan
  6. Costs of undertaking a third party objective ‘Festival Impact Report’ to support the future growth of festivals and make recommendation on the strategic direction of the event.
  7. Purchase of capital items (but excluding marquees, tents or bouncy castles)

Contact Details

For more information contact Sarah Fleming

Email: sfleming@ntlp.ie M: 087 7390599 T:  067 56676

Download the Application for RDP Funding form on the following link.

Ireland Reaching Out (XO)

North Tipperary


My People, My Heritage, My Place: Training Initiative 2013.

DEADLINE, Friday, November 9th, 2012

Download the tender document at the following link.

Contact Details

Manager of NTLP Social Programmes
Michelle Putti,

Local and Community Development Programme


The Local Community Development Programme, which replaces the old LDSIP (Local Development Social Inclusion Programme) aims to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and engagement between Government and people in disadvantaged communities. Here is a map of all the programmes in Southern Ireland designed by Changing Ireland, the national magazine of the Local and Community Development Programme.
NTLP through the Local Community Development Programme aims to achieve the following 4 goals:

1. Promote awareness, knowledge and uptake of a wide-range of statutory, voluntary and community services.

2. Increase access to formal and informal educational, recreational and cultural activities and resources.

3. Increase client work readiness and employment propects.

4. Promote engagement in policy, practice and decision making processes on matters affecting local communities.

Goal 1 – Actions:
Nenagh Traveller Development Programme
Domestic Violence Outreach Service (North Tipperary)
Information Dissemination
Advisory Council
Goal 2 – Actions:
Nenagh Afterschool Homework Club
Nenagh Programme for disadvantaged Youth
Second Chance Access Programme
Women’s Group
Car Maintenance Programme
Volunteering : Time Banking
Second Chance Access 2011
Nenagh and Roscrea Job Club

Roscrea Community Childcare Services
Services to the Unemployed/Work Readiness Programme
Back to Education – Community Strand
Positive Well – Being/Youth and Adult Mental Health

(For info on Psychological Assessments 2011, click here)

(Details on the 2010 STEP UP! grant for education, training, skills click here)

(For info on Business Start up Loans for Jobseekers, run in 2010 click here)

Contact Details

NTLP Afterschools/Homework Club
Mary Boyd Ryan Club Co-ordinator: Tel: 067-34900 or 087-7653216.
Or email Mary on marybryan@ntlp.ie

Nenagh Homework Club

Nenagh Afterschools/Homework Club caters for pupils ranging in age from 7 to 10 years, from both St. Mary’s Primary Girl’s School and CBS Primary Boy’s School.

Nenagh After-schools/Homework Club operates under the Community Based Youth Initiative.

The main aims of the Club are to improve attainment levels of education for the participants, to promote the value of education among parents of participants and to encourage the development of positive social skills. It is hoped that, using this type of strategy, rates of progression to upper level secondary education, and ultimately, third level education, will increase.
Activities report
The completion of homework is the main aim of the After Schools service but it also aims to support the social and personal development of the participants through play and social activities. Listed below are examples of activities applied by the Club staff throughout the year.

•    Board games aimed at developing skills of strategy and ability to deal with numbers and words.
•    Card making (seasonal) and crafts aimed at developing creative skills and manual dexterity.
•    Activities to develop self-esteem.
•    Drawing and painting aimed at developing creative skills and relaxation.
•    Games aimed at speeding up positive reactions.
•    Floor games aimed at developing team work and social skills.
•    Halloween and Christmas parties aimed at developing social skills.
•    End of year day trip.

The feedback from the Principals and some of the permanent teachers has been very favourable. They have observed improvement in the children’s learning abilities and social skills. They continue throughout the year to recommend new participants to the service.
Parents also have made very favourable observations about the service and the participation levels remain high.
The participants too, make very favourable comments and show great enthusiasm for attending the Club.

Plans for the Future
It is envisaged that with the development of the Arts Centre a larger room will be available to the After Schools/Homework Club. As personal space is an important requirement for many of the participants, the availability of more space would allow the Club to be in a position to offer the service to a larger number of participants.
It is also intended to develop links with other schools and agencies to ensure best practice.

Recruitment of Participants
The participants of the Club are generally selected by the teachers of 2nd and 3rd class, using a criteria laid out by the After Schools/ Homework Club. However, if they are interested in their children joining the Homework Club, parents may get in touch with the Staff of the Club directly.

NTLP Afterschools/Homework Club
Mary Boyd Ryan Club Co-ordinator: Tel: 067-34900 or 087-7653216.
Or email Mary on marybryan@ntlp.ie

Contact Details

Roscrea Community Childcare – Serving the community since 1998
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 7.45 am – 6pm
Phone: 0505-23568
Mobile: 087 6774609

Roscrea Community Childcare

These are the childcare services offered by Roscrea Community Childcare.

Baby Room (1-18 mts)
Toddler Room (18 Months to 2.5 years)
Happy Days Pre-School (3-4 Years)
Montessori Pre-School (3 years – Primary School age)

Qualifications and Training
All our staff are fully qualified in the area of childcare including:
– FETAC Level four and five Child Development & Play
– Health & Safety
– Occupational and Paediatric First Aid

We have also undertaken training in:
– Managing Challenging Behaviour
– Children First Guidelines 

Baby Room (4-18 months)
Adult-Child Ratios 1-3
Jolly Tots caters for two different age groups: 4 months—1 year; 1 year—2 years.
Our aim is to develop all areas of child development: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social.

We promote and provide stimulating educational and age appropriate toys and equipment such as:
Physical – Baby gym, mat area, balls, bikes, slides, outdoor play area.
Intellectual – jigsaws, shape sorters, stacking blocks, colouring pictures, rattlers, pop up toys.
Language – Story time, picture books, music, puppets.
Emotional /Social – play dough, painting, colouring, role play, tractors, etc

We are sufficiently staffed so that we can encourage  each child to reach their full potential and we ensure that each child is treated as an individual  with individual needs in a warm, safe and happy environment.

Toddler Room (18 Months to 2.5 years)
The Toddler room offers a wide range of activities for the 2– 3 year age group. We have a daily routine in  place, which is flexible and play based. The routine incorporates all areas of each child’s development. As follows is a brief overview of the room plan areas that are available.
Sand & Water play: For its therapeutic values and calming benefits.
Construction Area: Train sets, Trucks, Tractors, Farm Sets and other accessories.
Book Corner: We have an assortment  of books to choose from to enhance language development and initiate conversation.
Jigsaw Area: we have a great selection of jigsaws, shape sorting exercises, threading exercises and floor jigsaws to choose from.
Home Corner: Imaginative play is brought to life in this area. The children have a huge variety of play materials to choose from, clothes, hats, shoes, dolls and cooking equipment just to mention a few.
Circle –time:  Sing  songs and nursery rhymes, we say hello to Penny puppet and his many  friends. We also introduce sound games and Flashcards for variety.  Exercise is very important so we introduce exercise when we are using climbing  equipment, bicycles, and action song time.
We also go on nature walks and during the summer months we would spend a certain amount of time outdoors.
Each child is cared for by trained professional staff in a safe and stimulating environment.

Happy Days Pre – School (3-4 Years)
Adult Child Ratios 1 – 8 
Here in Happy Days we cater for 3 years to school going provide a routine that develops the children’s Physical, Intellectual, Language,
Emotional and social needs.
We provide a wide  range of pre-school activities such as: Sand & water play, Matching, Threading, Gluing, Cutting, Colouring, Arts and crafts, various indoors games develop both Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
We provide a clean, hygienic, happy and physically safe environment at all times.
We follow a play based curriculum that allows the children a choice as to what activities they wish to do on a daily basis.

Montessori Pre School (3 years – Primary School age)
Child to Adult Ratios 1-8
Each session consists of number or sound work, pencil work, colour identification, language skills, listening skills, Montessori materials, jigsaws of varying abilities, threading, cutting, sorting etc.
Each child is encouraged to choose his/her own work and is directed to choose work for their ability and also to create a challenge for them. The children love a challenge and as a result, are always striving to reach for  a more difficult exercise and therefore  constantly being stimulated and encouraged.
Following work-time, we will have an arts & crafts activity which all the children enjoy. Quite often, we are following a particular theme on anything that is appropriate or cultural at that time of year. We then have fee-play where the children’s imagination is let loose as they choose to play in the kitchen, dress-up, garage, train-set, blocks etc.
Circle-time is next, where the register is called and there is the opportunity for chat, singing, stories, etc. At 12.20 Busy Bee Montessori joins with Happy Days, where they meet up with other friends and enjoy a hot dinner together.
We provide healthy and nutritious meals for the children attending the service.

Roscrea Community Childcare – Serving the community since 1998
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 7.45 am – 6pm


Phone: 0505-23568
Mobile:  087 6774609

Contact Details

NTLP Roscrea Youth Project Team
Deirdre Cahir, Youth Project Co-Ordinator: 087 2166011
Donna Fanneran, Youth Development Worker: 087 9033123
Valerie Hearns, RAY Project Worker: 087 2106606
Peter Hogan, Youth project assistant 0877444103
Anna Heagney, Youth Cafe              0877444103

Roscrea Youth Project

What we Do!
NTLP, Roscrea Youth Project aims to provide a range of quality services and supports to young people in the Roscrea area. These services are designed to meet the needs of young people, their families and communities. 
“To provide a safe and positive environment in which young people are supported and encouraged in so far as possible, to actively particiapte in realising their full potential.”

• To encourage young people to actively participate in their community
• To support young people in their formal and informal education
• To value each child as an individual.

• To provide community based youth projects for the young people of Roscrea, creating positive social opportunities for all involved.
• That all programmes and activities are tailored to the specific needs of the group.
• To provide a range of supports and services in addressing the risk of early school leaving.
• To create a partnership where young people and their families will be involved in the planning, decision making and evaluation of all activities.

Kickback Youth Cafe 

Community services

School services

Comhairle na nOg

Roscrea Halloween Youth Festival

R.A.Y.: Roscrea Area Garda Youth Diversion Project


NTLP Roscrea Youth Project
Youth Project Team:
Deirdre Cahir, Youth Project Co-Ordinator: 087 2166011
Donna Fanneran, Youth Development Worker: 087 9033123
Valerie Hearns, RAY Project Worker:   087 2106606
Anna Heagney, Youth Cafe               0877444103

Contact Details

To access NTLP funding the following steps must be followed:

  1. Discuss your project idea with a member of NTLP staff, 067-56676 and ask for one of the Rural Development Team members.
  2. Complete an expression of interest form for your project idea, which can be downloaded here.
  3. A copy of the NTLP, Rural Development Programme ( RDP) Application form is available here.

For more information on the RDP programme, and eligibility of your project, please read the following guidelines document.

For projects which have secured funding, the following links will support the draw down of grant aid.

  1. Bank Mandate form, containing bank details. NTLP can make payments only to bank accounts belonging to either the claimant or to his assignee.
  2. A Grant Draw Down Claim form can be downloaded here.

For projects which have secured grant aid to complete any documentation, the following publicity logos and promotional text must be included.

Rural Development Programme 2007-2013

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership is the agency in North Tipperary charged with delivery of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, (Formerly known as the LEADER Programme). This programme has an allocation of €9,708,008 over this period.

As of December 2011, over €5,000,000 has been committed to projects in North Tipperary.  We are accepting applications for grant aid under the following measures:

1. Diversification into Non-Agricultural Activities
2. Support for Business Creation & Development
3. Encouragement of Tourism Activities
4. Basic Services for the Economy & Rural Population
5. Village & Countryside Renewal & Development
6. Conservation & Upgrading of the Rural Heritage
7. Training & Information

If you feel your project is suitable under the programme, please request an application pack (which includes a summary copy of the guidelines and an application form with built in checklists).


Patrick Killeen (087-6303988),

Ronan Gleeson (087-6981838)

Sean Crowley at (087-9873489) to discuss your project proposal.

Contact Details

Rural Social Scheme (RSS) supervisors with North Tipperary LEADER Partnership – David Kyne and Mary O’Dwyer

David Kyne, Supervisor, 067-56676, 087-1229438 Email dkyne@ntlp.ie
Mary O’Dwyer, Supervisor, 067-56676, 087-9109261 Email modwyer@ntlp.ie

Rural Social Scheme

Scheme Background
The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) was launched in 2004 by the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Éamon Ó Cuív. The aims of the scheme are:-

  • To provide income support for farmers and fisherpersons who are in receipt of certain long-term Social Welfare payments, eg the Farm Assist payment.
  • To provide certain services of benefit to rural communities by harnessing the skills and talents of the people participating on the scheme

Who is eligible to participate on the RSS?
The Scheme is aimed, primarily, at farmers who are on long-term Social Welfare payments, but the rules allow for low-income fishermen to join the scheme also. In order to be eligible to join the scheme, a farmer must provide proof that he/she is actively farming by providing a copy of:

  • His / her current year application for the Single Farm Payment (SFP) which is inclusive of a valid herd number and a copy of official proof of postage of the SFP to the Department and he / she MUST also be in receipt of one of the following payments:-
  • Farm Assist
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Jobseekers Benefit (only as a result of coming off a FAS CE or RSS)
  • Disability Allowance
  • Recipients of One-parent family payments
  • Widow(ers) pension – contributory and non-contributory

The following are also permitted to join the scheme:-

  • Dependant spouse of qualified persons as described above
  • Children/siblings of qualified persons as described above
  • Qualified adult dependants of a person in receipt of a State Pension (non-contributory) who themselves are under 66 and who have a herd number (who meet the existing underlying criteria, mentioned above)

How many hours per week does a participant work on the Scheme?
Participants generally work 19.5 hours per week on the scheme. It is administered in a “farmer friendly” fashion in that a participant can work their hours in a flexible way and in a way that best suits their farming situation. For example, a participant can work a week-on / week-off or times of work can be varied to suit personal circumstances – this flexibility should be agreed with the RSS supervisor. In as far as is possible, participants will be placed close to their home / farm. If a participant wished to work further from home, this can be considered

Participants can undertake other work outside of the scheme but it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that income earned from this work does not affect their underlying Social Welfare payment

Participants are initially given a one-year contract on the scheme. This may be extended depending on availability of places and funding

What type of work can be undertaken on the scheme?
The scheme provides a variety of work, indoor and out of doors for both male and female participants. Work available on the scheme falls under the following “measures”-

  1. Projects relating to the development and maintenance of Waymarked Ways, agreed walks, bog roads, etc.
  2. Energy conservation work for the elderly and less well off
  3. Village and countryside enhancement projects
  4. Social care of the elderly, community after-school groups and community pre-school groups
  5. Maintenance and caretaking of community and sporting facilities
  6. Projects relating to not for profit cultural and heritage centres
  7. Community administration / clerical duties
  8. Other appropriate community projects (permission MUST be sought from the Department)

The RSS in County Tipperary

In November 2004, Tipperary LEADER Group was appointed by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs to run the Rural Social Scheme in its catchment area which was all of North Tipperary, most of South Tipperary (Except for an area almost equivalent to the Fethard DED) and North East Limerick. The first participant came on the Tipperary LEADER Group scheme in February 2005. Tipperary LEADER Group had 61 participants servicing 56 communities

From January 1st 2009, as a result of a process known as the Cohesion Process, North Tipperary LEADER Partnership have responsibility for 37 of the participants who now work in North Tipperary and South Tipperary Development Company has responsibility for 26 participants (22 from Tipperary LEADER Group and 4 from Barrow Nore Suir Rural Development Group) who now work in South Tipperary. Two participants who worked in the Murroe area of Limerick have transferred to Ballyhoura Development.

The RSS in North Tipperary



Rural Social Scheme (RSS) supervisors with North Tipperary LEADER Partnership – David Kyne and Mary O’Dwyer

David Kyne, Supervisor, 067-56676, 087-1229438 Email DKyne@ntlp.ie
Mary O’Dwyer, Supervisor, 067-56676, 087-9109261 Email MODwyer@ntlp.ie

Contact Details

Borrisokane Office
Louise Duddy
Rural Transport Co-ordinator
The Old Church
Mill Street
Co. Tipperary
Tel: 067 27088
Mobile: 087 9613580
Email:  lduddy@ntlp.ie
Kilcommon Office
Joan Ryan
Rural Transport Co-ordinator
Kilcommon Hall
Co. Tipperary
Mobile: 087 1229041
Email:  jryan@ntlp.ie

Rural Transport Programme

The Rural Transport Programme offers cheap transport to areas of North Tipperary not well served by public or private transport companies. North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (067 34900) secured funding from the Department of Transport under The National Development Plan 2007-2013 to operate the Rural Transport Programme in North Tipperary.

The service operates  31 routes in 4 main areas:
Borrisokane (A) – Routes 1-13. Click here for more information
Thurles (B) – Routes 14 and 15. Click here for more information
Boherlahan (C) – Route 16. Click here for more information
Kilcommon-Upperchurch (D) – Routes 17-31. Click here for more information

All Services are Door to Door & we accept all Travel Passes on all services.

If you require transport in Area A or B – Please contact Louise Duddy at the
Borrisokane Office Tel: 067 27088.

If you require transport in Area C or D – Please Contact Joan Ryan at the
Kilcommon Office Tel: 087 1229041.

About the Rural Transport Programme
The Rural Transport Programme is different to conventional public transport. It is run by NTLP, a not-for profit company limited by guarantee. NTLP works with local communities to plan and deliver flexible transport services that meet the needs of the community; most journeys tend to be local with an average distance of 20 miles; the service is open to everyone and people with a Free Travel Pass travel free of charge;

The needs and welfare of passengers are central to the Rural Transport Programme. 75% of all journeys are delivered on a door-to-door basis, collecting people from their homes and assisting them to their destination. This might involve helping older people with their shopping, assisting mobility impaired passengers to access vehicles, or even calling on the homes of people who may have missed their routine trips due to illness.

TÚS Community Work Placement Initiative

TÚS Community Work Initiative – Call out to Community and Voluntary Groups

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (NTLP) manages the local delivery of the TÚS – Community Work Placement Initiative on behalf of the Department of Social Protection. The aims of TÚS are to provide short-term, quality work opportunities for those who are unemployed and to provide certain services of benefit to communities.

NTLP is now accepting applications from community and voluntary groups in both Urban and Rural areas to participate in the TÚS – Community Work Placement Initiative.

Work undertaken on TÚS will be beneficial to the local community and to the participants on the scheme. The types of projects carried out are likely to include:

  • Energy conservation work in homes and community buildings
  • Social care of all age groups and persons with a disability or limited mobility
  • Caretaking, securing, supervising of community buildings and spaces
  • Renovation of community and sporting facilities, including the regeneration and enhancement of community, recreation and sporting spaces
  • Work in support of the promotion of the Irish language, other cultural and heritage activities
  • Community administration, research and community event management
  • Repair of equipment for developing world – farm tools, bicycles, computers, sewing machines, health equipment.

Community work under TUS should meet the following conditions:

  • Not duplicate existing commercial activity or duplicate service provision by another agency
  • Be a quality placement
  • Make a meaningful contribution within communities
  • Support voluntary effort

All applications will be evaluated and scored on these criteria by NTLP staff, who recommend successful groups to NTLP’s TÚS Committee. The Committee may prioritize geographical areas of North Tipperary which do not have access to existing work schemes.

For any informal queries please contact Michael Murray, Seamus O’Sullivan, Philomena Keyes, or Maurice Leahy on 067-56676

Application form is available in the download section or by clicking here.

Full Information on the Initiative is available from the Department of Social Protection website.

Traveller Development Programme

Services and Supports Available
Community Development
One to One Support
Advocacy/Information on Rights
Education & Training/Courses
Referrals to Other Services
Form Filling
Links with State Agencies and Services

If you have any queries please contact the staff at the above numbers.

The NTLP Traveller Programme aims to counter the disadvantage experienced by the Traveller Community in North Tipperary. There are three strands to the programme which promotes equality of access to services and equality of outcomes from services for the Travelling Community in North Tipperary. It works in partnership with the HSE, FÁS, VEC, North Tipperary County Council, Gardaí, Department of Education and North Tipperary Sports Partnership.

Traveller Development Programme
The Traveller Development Programme works with Travellers in Nenagh and Roscrea providing support to adults and young people to access educational and social / sporting activities. Groups are run for women, men and young people including literacy, numeracy, art and crafts, sporting and social activities. Support is provided to Travellers to access services and in liaising with service providers.

Primary Health Care Programme
The aim of the Primary Health Care Programme is to improve the health status and quality of life of the Travelling Community in North Tipperary. Traveller women have been trained and are employed as Community Health Workers. They deliver a health promotion programme to all Travellers in the County.

Family Support Programme
The aim of the Family Support Programme is to assist identified Traveller families in North Tipperary to better manage their homes and to interact with agencies and community structures more effectively. The Family Support Worker supports Traveller families: in existing housing and in relocation to new housing; in the upkeep of their home; in education for children; and in education for adults.

Links of Interest

Traveller Programme Staff
Programme Co-ordinator: Imelda Reidy, Roscrea. Tel: 0505-23379
Development Officer: Chelo Alfonso, Nenagh/Roscrea. Tel: 067-34900/ 0505-23379
Family Support Worker: Anne Neville, Roscrea: 0505-23379
Community Health Workers Roscrea: 0505-23379
Patricia Doyle, Ann Harty, Noreen Harty, Martina Hutchinson, Kelly Marshall

Walks Scheme

The Walks Scheme provides funding for private landholders and community groups for the creation and maintenance of country and mountain walks. Up to €2,900/year is available to encourage farmers to sign up to the scheme. Funding is also available for furniture, styles, and signs.

To find out more about the scheme, please contact the Rural Recreation Officer at the above details. The Rural Recreation Officer is employed by South Tipperary Development Company, but covers all of County Tipperary.

Éamon Ó Cuív, TD, and Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs launched the Walks Scheme on 4th March 2008.  The scheme is aimed at farmers/private landowners and landholders/users and involves the development, enhancement and maintenance of National WayMarked Ways and priority walks.
It is a national scheme and open to all landholders on National Waymarked Ways, Looped Walking Routes and Heritage Routes along with other trails that have been approved by the National Trails Office.  The scheme will only operate where there is agreement on the entire walk and will not be available for part of a walk.
The scheme is administered by Local Development Integrated Companies (formerly LEADER Companies) with the assistance of the National Trails Office at the Irish Sports Council and Fáilte Ireland and in association with local walking management committees and Local Authorities on behalf of the Department of Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs.

Contact Details

Rural Recreation Officer: Con Ryan
Telephone: 087-0556465

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